Tuesday, August 11, 2009


George Anos

Your laughter sound so hollow and there’s something that you hide,
You forget that there’s an ebb and high for every passing tide,
When dust falls and settles, beauty eventually will die,
For you need to rouse yourself after you moan and sigh,

There’s nothing more destructive than living an idle life,
When you could be out there to join the frays and frights,

Chorus Life is a roller coaster never close your eyes,
For the journey’s filled with loops and turns
And eye popping highs

When you strap yourself please don’t forget,
To make sure it’s nice and tight,
For you never know how far you’ll go,
Or how steep you will climb

So when it comes down to choices
Don’t hesitate to try,
All the crazy things that’s meant for you
Makes living more worthwhile End of chorus

When days are grey and dull and you spend it sitting down,
You feel everyone’s laughing at you the lonely clown,
For they never could quite get it, How hard you desire,
To throw yourself and go berserk and Set yourself on fire

For you know there’s nothing harder than living in fright,
How boring it will be…. each passing day and night

Rpt chorus

My tribute to the intrepid people behind and in all sides of JackAss, led to their blaze of glory by the number one instigator, Johnny Knoxville. I will remain always, a number one fan.


George Anos

She was lovely that night and beyond compare,
When she sat by his side then said “Life isn’t fair!”,
There was true sadness and surprise in his eyes,
When he looked at her and saw just how time flies

Then he asks his ten year old “What’s troubling you?”
“you’re looking so lovely to feel so blue.”,
“It’s just that father there’s so many things,
I wish that life will give and bring.”

“I’ve grown up till now with comfort barely,
There were times when I slept with hungry belly,
My friends they had it all going so nicely,
And their fathers don’t go home sullen and dirty.”

“They have dolls and dresses and really nice shoes,
In candy shops they can freely choose,’
There were tears in his eyes as he turned and answered,
Take a good look at me oh my treasured daughter.”

“These calloused hands are magic honey,
They’ll wipe your tears and tickle you funny,
They’ll hold you tight,
When it’s not alright,
And all the while,
They’ll make you smile”

“These rugged feet are wonderful darling,
For you they’ll run,
Or go a prancing,
They’ll jump so far,
To fetch your star,
When your joy’s afire,
They’ll never tire….”

“So keep your heart always with laughter,
For your twinkling eyes is the joy of your father,
When things go bad,
He won’t be sad,
For your pretty sight,
Is his delight,”

“So my daughter always remember,
When days are rough I may get sombre,
Just smile and say,
“Come Dad we’ll play”,
And then Bad Gloom,
Will go away”

-I really dreamt of being just a humble farmer. This is the could have been with a curious child. To my beloved daughter…


George Anos

Buhangin sa iyong balikat,
mula sa pagkakadapa,
Maiitim na markang iyong nakikita,
Di ba bumangon ka?

Di nga bat pinakita mo
ang tapang mong totoo?
Ng ngumiti ka lamang
sa galit ng mundo

Harapin ang pagsubok
Gabutil man oh gabundok
Pagkakaisa ng pananalig
Pusot isipay masigasig

Ng mawala ka sa panalangin
Mong malalim at taimtim
Dun mo nakita,
Nun nadama
Sa buhay kailanma’y di ka magiisa
Pagkat kasama mo siya
Palad mong magkadaop
Mga matang nakatiklop
Pagtawag mo…. Kapayapaan sa Puso

kaliwa’t kanang sampal ng trahedya
matinding gutom ng sikmura
Sa gitna ng alinlangan
Di bat pumito ka lamang?

Lalim ng ngisi’y makahulugan,
Ininit na ng hulmahan,
Ng hipan mong papalayo,
Ang buhawi ng tukso

Dilim man o init ng araw
Wag kang bibitaw
Samot saring abala,
Sa tikas mo’y di uubra

Ng mawala ka sa panalangin
Mong malalim at taimtim
Lakas ay nabuhay
Ang puso’y tumibay
Sa sagupa at laban ng iyong buhay,
Pagkat kapiling mo siya,
Palad mong magkadaop
Mga matang nakatiklop
Pagsamo mo….. Gabay ng iyong mundo

Habol mo ang iyong hininga,
Sa pagbubuhos ng lakas,
At ng maging talunan,
Di ba’t tumango ka lang?

Sa gitna ng pagkutya,
Kamao ba ang sandata?
Ng ialay mot ilahad,
Sa mabuti mong hangad

Sa laro man o sa buhay,
Lagi kang maging pantay,
Ilang beses ka mang mabigo,
Ang tulad mo’y di susuko


- Ano man ang dumaan sa ating buhay wag natin Siyang kalimutan, sa una hangang huli, ating KAKAMPI…


George Anos

The hills echo loud with Geronimos
You say in our love life I ain’t a Romeo,
Narcissus would pale beside my ego,
And all I really need is to be a regular Joe

But they say it ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings,
And trouble is what Leroy Brown brings

Do you see a Newton when you look at this apple?
I have as much idea as Nessie’s Loch Ness’ ripples,
If you’ll take it the same way Adam did from Eve,
You know I’m not a Greek bearing gifts,

Davy Jones’ locker couldn’t possibly keep my heart,
Don’t break it when I’m being bratty Bart
You don’t need to answer,
When I say “Hau Long” is a China man,
Just like Archimedes say “Eureka”- You’re my man..


I know I don’t really have Midas’ touch,
But Jack can’t be nimble as my dash,
Coz darling when you tell me “Mush”,
Lassie himself’s gonna eat my dust

You know baby, Hercules isn’t gonna compare,
For you I’d flush Medusa from her lair


I’m sure Napoleon had his complex,
That Merlin casts a really wicked hex,
But Honey when I hear your shrieks,
I’d jump from this world to the next,

I know that Achilles had his weak sore heel,
That’s nothing with the way you make me feel


-To men and creatures, fictional or true, whose names remain etched to the tablets of glory, infamy or downright humour. To all men who until now cannot plumb and even for an iota, fail to understand, the female psyche. This song’s for you (eerh I mean, for us).


George Anos


Kung alaala'y magawi, sa iyo oh Irog,
Ang ngiti sa labi'y, sariwang hamog,
Matamis, malinaw, at isang biyaya,
Ng bukang liwayway, sa damong linga.

Pumapawi sa uhaw nitong yaring puso,
Tanggal ang init ng damdaming paso,
Sapagkat sa tuwinang, ika'y nasa isipan,
Naiibsan tong, mapait na kalungkutan.

Sapat na ang alaala mo sinta
Pumawi sa lungkot ng pagiisa
Dasal bawat araw sana’y bukas ng
Kapiling ka….

Sapat ng isipin ka’t imaginin,
Upang matahimik isip kong napapraning,
Walang sandaling nagmukmok alam kong
Ika’y sa kin……
-***Katapusan ng Kuro

Ang tanging galak, na hihigit lamang,
Gamogamong ako'y, sa iyo madarang,
Mahagkan, mayakap, at aking madama,
Ang init ng iyong, taos pusong kalinga.

Malungkot man ang gabing di ka katabi,
Hanap man ang iyong malalambot na labi,
Hangad man ng balikat ang iyong ulunan,
Ang blankong tingin may lagi sa kawalan...

Lagi mong tatandaan....
...Sa puso't isipan lagi kang nandiyan.

***Ulitin ang Kuro

Nagpapalakas, bigay inspirasyon...
Nagpapatapang, tanggap hamon...
Gabay na liwanag, katahimikan....
Kapayapaan....sa magulong isipan.

Pagmamahal sa iyo ang tanging katotohanan...
Abot hangang LANGIT..Maalab.....Sukdulan!!!


George D. Anos, Dec. 2006

Sometimes it’s overwhelming when life is passing pretty fast,
And along the way we realize how hard to make love last,
For tomorrows always bring us back to the start of all this crap,
Even though tonight we thought we made and bridged the gap

We must learn to realize
That we need to sacrifice
To admit to all the lies
And be strong amidst the cries

The stars never lie when you cry,
And you see them twinkle brightly with misty eyes,
Promising tomorrows never die
Every night they’ll grace the skies

So when you look up
Remember to be strong
There are as many reasons
As stars… To go on – End of Chorus

Many times we find ourselves in the brink of dark despair
When we feel unloved and think that the other just don’t care
And every challenge just seem to get harder to bear
And we often ask ourselves how in the end we’ll fare
We must be wise
TO always give it a try
To renew our love and lives


In every step of the way I’m sure there will always be
An overhanging dark cloud of uncertainty
In our hearts we must learn to take it all
For the nights of love have orders tall

When the sunshine dies
There’ll be stars in the skies
Behind the clouds they sometimes hide


-My first song composition. Seminal work indeed, but I will always consider it my best whatever metamorphosis and improvements the later times will bring. My finest as a Bard.


George Anos

Therein lies the answer,
Therein lies the truth,
Therein lies confession,
When wounded hearts we sooth

For reality is stark and painful,
When we turn into fools,
And the moment we admit it,
Is the time we break the rules,

And ignorance is bliss,
For the hidden nail is seldom hammered,
I’m not sure about you,
But keep away from me please,

Keep away from me please,
For the night is young and lovely,
And the voice of the party is to be happy,
I don’t really need you now,

I don’t need you conscience,
To tell me I am wrong,
For a just want to drown myself,
And get lost in this song

( Tonight I’m running naked
And the dawn will make me cry
For I hate baring my soul by day
When the darkness bids goodbye

Tonight I’ll cast away my chains
And away from you I’ll fly
So deep you won’t be reaching me
No matter how hard you try )

Therein lies delusion
Therein lies the beast
Therein lies obsession
When from tired hearts we feast

For the lies we weave are dark and silken
When we feed on deceit
And the soft flesh of misery,
Is where we sink our teeth

Dark temptation is real,
For the walls we make are easily trampled,
I’m so sure about it
so keep away from me please

Keep away from me please,
I’d rather be alone and lonely,
For later you’ll just regret my company,
Go, keep away from me now

I have lost my conscience
That tells me right from wrong,
So if you don’t want to drown yourself,
Don’t fall hard for this song


-To all people who used the vices and lures of darkness to numb the intensity of their hurt and sorrow.
This song goes out to all of you.


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