Thursday, August 13, 2009


i am so sorry for your loss.

i have forwarded your message to mr. gorrel.

btw, have you tried approaching imbestigador or xxx?
authorities act on complaints faster when they know that media people are monitoring.

again, i am sorry for your loss.


I have heard from one of the most talented and fearless blogger the net ever knew... This is just a beginning! THANK YOU SO MUCH PROFESSIONAL HECKLER!!!- click here!

And soon Brian might follow....


Anonymous said...

From MIMI: I read most of your blog inspite of my hunger. Maybe that I was drawn to your courage and the talent that is nearing to shine. Justice will prevail and crime doesn't pay. I just prayed for you and will be praying for healing, forgiveness, and the people who are involved with the crime and those who tried to help covered it. "For God is not mocked, for what you shall sow, you shall reap". But most of all that through this most heartbreaking moments of your life, may Jesus find your heart open for His Help and Salvation. I did and what a victory in all my life's history.


Thank you Mimi! This really made my day... Thank you and yes, as I go on with this fight I too will seek refuge in prayers.
God Bless us!

Anonymous said...

wala po kasalanan si dra jay carcereny sisihin nio po un nag babantay dun at ska un gmawa ng blog na to my diprensia dn po na ikwento po samin ni dra un..

kung ala ka mgawa matno bkt kailagn manira ka ng tao ah

kung kaw kya mag pakamatay